Coco nicole austin no airbrush or photoshop

Coco Nicole Austin Shows Body With No Photoshop To Prove Shes Not Fat

Coco isn’t fat… she’s just got a phat A$$!

A few weeks ago Coco Nicole Austin went on National Television to prove that here butt was real. She accomplished this by letting a doctor feel her up to prove that it was real.Now she’s back with a vengeance to prove that her whole body is real.  To do this she has allowed images of her in a bikini to be displayed to the general public via a magazine spread WITHOUT any retouching  or airbrushing whatsoever. Regardless of whether or not her body is real, shes looking good in anything, anywhere as always. See below for a picture of Coco with out photoshop or airbrushing.

Coco nicole austin no airbrush or photoshop
Coco nicole austin no airbrush or photoshop

More photos of Coco.

In case you didn’t know, most celebrities rely on photoshop airbrushing in order to look as good as they do. We think that it is cool and all that she is doing this but how bout doing a photo shoot with out any makeup on? THEN we could see what you really look like. Coco probably look just as bad as Kim Kardashian without makeup. See blow for a pic of Miss Kardashian without any makeup.

 Kim Kardashian with makeup

Kim Kardashian Bangs
Kim Kardashian With Makeup


Kim Kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian No Makeup
Kim Kardashian No Makeup

Coco currently is weighing in at 135 pound 5’2′. The epic gold digger (Miss. Austin) recently stated in a magazine: “This is the biggest I’ve ever been.” Oh really now? 0_o Personally, I have never really be a fan of voluptuous women. Sure they are fun for a few nights but I personally prefer the 105 lbs girl, simply because of the fact that they generally have tighter p*ssys. Hey…. I’m just being honest.

Do you think that Coco will start a trend? Do you think that more celebrities will start posing for magazine spreads with out photoshop? Post a comment below and let us know.


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